Lawsuits involving personal injuries and deaths comprise the bulk of the practice of the Eaton Law Office, P.C. The firm handles cases ranging from motor vehicle accidents to products liability to injuries on commercial and residential property.


The firm handles claims and lawsuits involving damage to property, including issues of whether such claims are covered under insurance policies.


Since its inception, the firm has defended individuals, business owners, property owners and others in lawsuits alleging that they caused or contributed to injuries to others. In many cases, the defense is provided at the request of a liability insurance carrier.


The firm has handled numerous claims involving injured workers before the New Mexico Workers Compensation Administration.


The firm has substantial experience in understanding and interpreting insurance policies and claims brought under insurance policies, ranging from automobile to commercial policies. Our insurance coverage practice includes the preparation of detailed coverage opinions, as well as litigating coverage issues in federal and state courts.


The firm has litigated many cases, primarily in federal court, in which it is claimed that a governmental entity has violated a personís civil or constitutional rights. Attorney Scott Eaton has written and spoken at seminars on civil rights issues.


Attorney Jamie McAlister has devoted a significant part of his law practice to assisting people with their estate planning needs, including the creation of wills and trusts.


Our attorneys are experienced and familiar with all aspects of lawsuits in New Mexico's state and federal courts, from the filing of the Complaint through trial and appeals. Our strong New Mexico heritage provides even greater insight into the makeup of juries throughout the state.


Most civil cases are referred to mediation or a settlement conference before they go to trial. The Eaton Law Office, P.C. offers experienced mediation services. After serving as a trial judge for more than 18 years in two of New Mexico's busiest courts, William F. Lang retired and is focusing his practice on mediations, arbitrations and serving as a special master. Judge Lang brings a wealth of experience, including conducting trials, interacting with parties and their attorneys, and consulting with juries, to his practice of seeking to resolve civil disputes short of going to trial. In addition, Scott Eaton has conducted numerous mediations and settlement conferences for attorneys and parties in New Mexico.